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Looking for Fresh Quality Halal bakes at value-added and affordable prices? Ranging from intimate to fun corporate or bespoke events, Contact us for your order now! 
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About Kukki Bakery

Kukki Bakery is a shop online and boutique cafe officially launched on the 2017 that provide a freshly halal homemade produced baking and gluten-free for individual, retail, wholesale, and food-made service.

Her bakery products use only a health and finest ingredients, affordable rates and fresh quality services that provide the best cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other confectionery products that Lina has been baking with Passion.

With an interesting story of its own, Skills Hand-made tool, the Founder of Kukki Bakery began years in creating bakery products that give delicious melting completely in your mouth.

Her Main Assets:

1) Our Respect Customers

2) Services offer

3) Safe and Health Products

Please view our detailed products below to order our entire range of products. We do cater personalized & corporate orders and catering for events.

Her Quality Checklist:

1) Halal and maintain Safe products

2) Use only the very best, finest and freshest ingredients in all our products.

4) Good Housekeeping with a quality hygiene maintain at our bakery facilities and café, to preclude chances of any contamination.

5) Follow the correct guidelines on process and product quality and maintain only the freshest products on the shelf.

To enquiry please forward as below -


+65 9862 2190/9185 7267


Our Boutique Café:

20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357

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Bakers' Message

"The secret in doing bakery business is, doing it with sincerely and the best we can!", says cheerful Lina.

I make sure there is an unique concepts with the focus of making consistence and quality of not just the products but also the service. As a foodie of hard work and experience in one of famous business management, nutrition and catering, I looking for a naturally gravitated towards products in my culinary sensibilities could appreciate my Delightful Cakes, Delicious Cookies and Delectable Savouries.

Our Shop Place @ Astitchworks

Our Shop Place @ Astitchworks

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